Thursday, 5 July 2007

Meeting you

Today I'm very happy!!! I've found a lot of good webs with flash!!! I've noteice that i've to learn lots of things . Really by the moment i only know that exists html, java, xhtml, flash, but still i don't know haw to use it. The other day i began with flash tutorial of macromedia but each day i found different things so i go step by step...i hope one day i can also make interactive web sites. I'm still shocking with to webs: and from yugo nakamura is a interactive web site that works with math patrons i don't know is possible to found an interesting interview with him.To know more his work MONOcrafts read this interview. is an interesting interactive website but in a very different way, you has to play some games to get into de web that only allows registered users to enter...i've not pass all the games yet, only two of the five that i need, but i'll try another day, i want to kow what he can show mw, i'm sure it would be amazing!

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